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Peregrine Rod Quality

Peregrine rods are built to exacting standards of craftsmanship our rods are not made to just cast a given line weight, we make them with specific angling situations in mind and select materials most suitable.

Each of our range is different, we do not use the same blank type
throughout we choose the best available for the particular rod and its' intended use to ensure optimum performance.

Our rods are different from the norm. They are made by a small team of fly fishing rod makers who know their stuff. Call us to discuss your requirements - you will be pleasantly surprised.

* Postage on Fly Rods is
20 for 24 hour delivery

Fly Rods Bath

R Series Fly Rods

The R series for river, stream, brook and burn.

R1 - 8'6" #4/5 2 piece 290*

Often described as The sweetest of small river rods . The R1 is a true dry-fly rod with no equal.

R2 - 9' #5/6 2 piece 295*

The R2 is at home on the larger river, for surface fishing or heavy nymph presentation this rod will deliver the goods. Also often used on small Stillwaters to great effect for stalking those difficult target trout.

R3 - 7' #3 2 piece 280*

The R3 is the perfect fly rod for smaller streams, brooks and burns.

Fly Rods Bath
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